Teardown: This is what the new iMac (2020) looks like on the inside

The iMac 2020 was unveiled last week and Apple’s new computer has already been completely disassembled. Curious about the inside, highlights and more? Then read on quickly.

Teardown Apple iMac (2020)

Apple’s latest 27-inch iMac (2020) was unveiled last week. In terms of appearance, we saw no differences with its predecessor and the Apple Silicon chip was not yet present. However, several adjustments have been made under the hood.

A first teardown has now appeared, in which the new Apple computer is taken apart and a few things stand out. The video has appeared on the OWC channel and MacRumors, among others, has listed the highlights.

The biggest change is logically the lack of a conventional hard drive. With this iMac 2020, you only have a choice for much faster SSDs. OWC says that taking it apart also makes it a bit faster.

All kinds of connectors for the old-fashioned hard drives are no longer necessary. The SSDs are soldered directly to the motherboard and if you opt for the 4TB or 8TB iMac you can add an extra SSD.

If you buy a variant from 256GB to 2TB, this option is not on board. Because a hard drive is missing, there is some extra empty space in the iMac. With the iMac Pro, Apple has chosen to use additional cooling options there, but this is not the case with this new computer.

An extra microphone has also been placed at the bottom of the iMac (2020). The updated webcam (with a 1080p resolution) is attached to the LCD screen. So if you remove the glass plate from the iMac, you have to be careful to disconnect that cable immediately.

Much of the same for the rest

For the rest, the inside is often the same as previous models and that is nice. In terms of repair by a professional company, this poses a few problems and the price of those internal components is already known.

imac 2020 nanotexture
Sample photo of how nanotexture works.

For example, the same power supply, cooling and headphone connection are used. The speakers also seem to be the same as with previous iMacs, although Apple says they have been upgraded.

If you want to perform an upgrade yourself, only adding more RAM is recommended. You do that yourself easily and quickly. It’s a matter of removing a panel on the back of the iMac (2020) and placing the new modules.

Know more about the Apple iMac 2020

The new iMac contains a special layer of nanotextured glass, so that the screen is always easy to read. We have also listed the differences between the 2019 and 2020 models for you. Finally, check out our article on whether or not to buy a Mac of the current generation with an Intel processor.

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