‘TicWatch 3 Pro gets Snapdragon Wear 4100 and two screens’

Mobvoi appears to have lost control of the launch of its TicWatch 3 Pro. Amazon previously commented on the smartwatch a little too early and this time a Malaysian online store published details of the smart watch. According to rumors, the watch will have two screens of specifications.

TicWatch 3 Pro specifications

Mobvoi, as indicated, is not with the launch of its latest TicWatch Pro offspring. A product page on Amazon previously revealed that the watch uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset; the latest chipset in Qualcomm’s Wear range. In addition, Amazon published the dimensions of the watch (45.1 x 45.1 x 12.6mm) on its product page.

9to5Google has gathered new details about the smartwatch through a Malaysian web store – which also published its product page of the TicWatch 3 Pro early -. Like Amazon, the Malaysian online store was able to confirm that a Wear 4100 chipset will be present. What will also be present is 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage memory. A 4 GB step stool, previously used in TicWatch Pro watches.TicWatch 3 Pro specifications

Together with the more economical chipset, Mobvoi has also chosen to incorporate a huge battery in the TicWatch Pro 3. Shopee, the Malaysian web store, mentions a capacity of 595 mAh. With this hefty battery, Mobvoi expects users to reach a battery life of 72 hours. This applies to the ‘normal’ mode of the watch, as there are two screens. This combination of screens makes it possible to extend the battery life (much) further.

Two screens

Two screens sound complicated, but the concept is one from the old box. Mobvoi has been using its two-screen concept since the unveiling of the original TicWatch Pro. The advantage you get from using two screens is that you can switch between an AMOLED and economical LCD panel – which can only display black tones. The second screen uses so little energy that the battery can last for weeks.TicWatch 3 Pro specs

Smart watch functions, such as measuring your heart rate, sleep, SpO2 (blood oxygen level) and tracking your sports activities, only work when the smart screen is turned on. Once you switch to battery saver mode, the smartwatch will no longer keep track of this data. Naturally, the watch runs on Google’s Wear OS and well-known apps such as Google Maps and the Google Fit app are present on the watch. Both apps can use the built-in GPS functionality.

Launch on September 24

Mobvoi recently posted a tweet saying it would announce the TicWatch 3 Pro on September 24th. Shortly afterward, the tweet was removed from the timeline. Whether the photo was accidentally posted, or if the launch was moved and the data is no longer accurate is unknown. Do you think Mobvoi will release the watch on September 24? Let us know in the comments.

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