Turn off Apple TV completely

A question we regularly get is: Can you turn off the Apple TV? The answer is actually short, no. Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn off the Apple TV completely.

But that is not really necessary, when you place the Apple TV in sleep mode (standby) it consumes little power and you can still use some advantages. For example, the Apple TV always sends out an Airplay signal, which you can use and connect at any time. You can, however, manually put the Apple TV to sleep.

Put Apple TV to sleep

Take the Apple TV 4 remote control with Touchpad to hand and press the button with the TV icon for about 4-5 seconds. Then choose the option ‘Slumber’.

Turn off Apple TV completely

Now the Apple TV will go into sleep (standby) mode and the connected devices will be turned off if possible. If the above method does not produce the desired effect, you can also switch off the Apple TV via the Settings menu via Settings ▸ Sleep now. You can also apply these steps to an older generation Apple TV.

Turn off Apple TV completely

If you really want to completely switch off the Apple TV, you will have to disconnect the power supply. Only then will the Apple TV be turned off and stop sending signals.


How do you turn off Apple TV 4?

Take the remote control with the touchpad on the  Apple TV 4 at hand and press the button with the  TV icon for about  4 -5 seconds. Then choose the option ‘Slumber’. Now the Apple TV will go into sleep (standby) mode and the connected devices will be turned off if possible.

Cancel Apple TV Plus

1. Open the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad;
2. Tap your name at the top of the screen and go to ‘Subscriptions’;
Select ‘ 
3. Apple TV +’ and press the red text ‘Cancel (trial) subscription’;
4. Confirm your choice.

Restart  the  Apple TV

1. Press and hold the and Home button on the Siri Remote until the Apple TV status light blinks quickly.
2.Unplug Apple TV, wait about five seconds, then plug it back in.
3. On Apple TV, go to Settings> System> Restart.

Why is Apple TV not working?

If the status light on Apple TV is off, follow these steps … Unplug the Apple TV‘s power cord, wait 30 seconds, and then plug the power cord back in. Try a different outlet. If your Apple TV is plugged into a power strip, make sure the power strip is turned on.

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