‘The UK will still keep Huawei out of 5G networks’

At the end of January, Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom was allowed to make limited use of 5G equipment in future mobile networks. Over time, the prime minister would have changed his mind and would like to completely ban Huawei’s equipment. uk Huawei 5g blockade.

“Security risks”

The UK surprised friend and foe with the decision to allow Huawei to roll out the 5G network at such an early stage. However, little seems to be left of that, according to the British business newspaper The Telegraph.

Before the end of the year, the United Kingdom wants to have all 5G equipment from Huawei removed from its network infrastructure; it is unknown if the UK also plans to remove existing 4G equipment from Huawei from its infrastructure.UK-Huawei-5G blockade

Huawei has been under stricter surveillance by security services since 2019

Johnson’s previous decisions gave the green light to Huawei to participate in parts of the 5G network that were considered ‘non-critical’.

Opinions from British intelligence agencies, GCHQ, would underlie the new decision to ban Huawei from all 5G networks in the UK. GCHQ refers to the measures that Trump took in May, as a result of which Huawei can no longer produce HiSilicon chips.

TSMC, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers, previously manufactured all HiSilicon chips used in Huawei telecom equipment. Huawei would now work with MediaTek for its phones and Samsung would be ‘ in talks with Huawei for the chip production ‘.

Based on the consequences, the GCHQ advised Huawei to keep out of 5G networks. Huawei would be forced to use ‘unreliable techniques’, it is unknown what is covered by the service.

Espionage activities

Huawei has been on the US Entity List for more than a year, and it – along with another 70+ related companies – was placed on it in May 2019. According to the US, Huawei uses the equipment to spy in other countries.

The company should also surrender to the Communist Party if asked, the argument goes. It is striking that the US does not provide any evidence, while Huawei repeatedly contradicts the allegation.

According to The Telegraph, Johnson would announce the measures next week. Earlier there was talk of a three-year exit period, with which the last telecom equipment of the Chinese company would disappear from the 5G network by 2023. It is unknown whether Johnson changed the plans because of pressure from the US.

With the removal of 5G equipment from the networks, a considerable amount is involved. BT, a British provider, previously spoke of GBP 500 million.

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