This way you connect a USB stick to your Android smartphone

Connecting a USB stick to your Android device may look a bit clunky, but it can be very useful. You need this to use a USB stick on an Android smartphone.

Attach USB stick to phone

Fortunately, the internal storage space of phones is still increasing, but it is not always enough. And not every Android smartphone offers space for a microSD card. In such cases, connecting a USB stick to your phone is a great alternative.

Your Android smartphone probably has a USB-C or micro-USB connection. But that may be called USB, you can not just connect a much larger USB stick to it. For this you first need a special cable.Attach USB stick to phone

Such a cable is called a USB OTG cable. OTG stands for on the go, because you no longer need a larger device such as a laptop or desktop PC to connect your USB stick. You can order such a USB OTG cable online for a few euros.

Check whether the USB stick works

Unfortunately, such a cable is not enough to make the USB stick work. Your Android smartphone must also support this form of external storage. Most new phones that run on modern versions of Android just do that, but if you have an older device it may not work.

Fortunately, there are several apps with which you can quickly check whether you can connect a USB stick to your Android smartphone or not, such as USB OTG Checker. That app shows with a checkmark or across whether you can connect a USB stick to your phone.

Read data on USB stick

You can now connect the USB stick to your smartphone, but the question is whether your phone can also do something with it. The USB stick must be formatted to the FAT32 file system (exFAT works on some devices as well). If not, you cannot, for example, transfer files to your phone.

If everything is properly connected and set up, a message will appear on your screen when you connect the USB stick, containing the name of the USB stick and the option to view all files. You can then copy it to your phone or open it from the USB stick, for example if you want to view a number of videos. This way you don’t need a computer to put files on your phone.

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