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Are you looking for valentine day message for girl friend or love texts? Then we are happy to help you with this. We know that it is sometimes difficult enough to write a nice text for your loved one and surprise him or her in an original way. So let yourself be inspired! ❤️

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Love texts

Today we celebrate love. Today is the party. Today I want to say to you: I love you the most!

Sometimes a bengeltje, usually an angel. I love you so much, know I love you.

Sweet, rather, dear… that is you my sweet valentine.

The heart is full of it, the mouth overflows as if I am enchanting myself with your love.

Nice to swing and float with you in my life.

We will be super sweet to each other for many more years

A look, a wink and much more. Letting my heart skip, you always succeed.

The Roses are red. Violets are blue. Through this soggy poem, I want to say that I love you very much!

Been together for so long, but still happy with you and especially on this day let’s say that I love you very much.

Thanks for being you and for being mine.

For him

Still swaying stinky socks. I feel very much love for you.

You are my rock in the surf, my shoulder to lean on and so I can beat a few more.

You suddenly appeared on the scene like a true Casanova and now I want nothing more than to share my life with you.

My dearest guy, I am proud of you for who you are.

Stole my heart like a thief and yet I think you are very sweet.

Your hard and soft side make you the most attractive man in all this country.

For her

The stars shine softly, your face smiling at me. How lucky I am with a love like you, you are the world to me.

A moment to remember, I was immediately possessed. I never dreamed that you would cross my path. How happy I am with you by my side and you mean everything to me.

I would have loved to serenade you under the window, but because of corona I have now written my declaration of love on this card.

If it’s allowed again later, I want to kiss and hug you every day!

I may not say it every day, but you make me wake up with a smile.

I know that you place a lot of value on it, that people often say ‘I love you’. Therefore at this time about ten times with many kisses.

You are so special that you want to be with me is actually a miracle!

Secret love

The first time I saw you, my heart was really a bit upset.

My heart leaps for joy. You can’t go wrong this Valentine’s Day anymore.

I love you!

Hello valentine, I would love to be with you this day!

Even though my love is secret, I hope one day I may be yours.

I am completely happy with you by my side. Do you want to be my valentine?

I think you are sweet and therefore take the initiative. With this special Valentine’s message addressed to my secret love

Wham! BAM! There you were! It immediately gave me butterflies … I will not let you walk just like that. Do you feel the same? I hope so 😉

Funny love texts

you + me = big butt

God created Ellen and Eve and I think you are very sweet.

Cupid wasn’t stupid when he aimed that arrow.

You are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Heart, bear, sweetheart, frummeltje, sweet from me, maybe you are thinking now.

The bunch of red roses was sold out, unfortunately, so therefore a sweet card on behalf of the boss.

It’s not always soft and sweet, but with you everything is great!

Dear valentine, can you please be a little less annoying for 1x today?

You are the syrup in my wafer.


My buddy, partner in crime and best friend. Today an extra big hug, because you deserve it!

Netflix, wines and so much more. With you, everything is always fun over and over again.

Laugh, scream and roar together. Drink, eat and enjoy together. How nice that you are in my life. How nice that you know me so well. Where would I be without my dearest sister. Therefore, a valentine hug and a very big kiss for you.

My rock in the surf. My support. My dearest mom. Who is always there for me.

You just skipped through my mind …

From your head to your feet, you are totally SWEET!

You and me: friends for life! That’s why I wanted to give you this valentine.

My best friend: laughs at my jokes when nobody does! Thanks for doing that.

Laugh, scream and roar together. Both are single with valentine! ; )

#our princess on the white horse is steadfast all along the way.

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