watchOS 7: 4 wishes from a well-known Apple Watch developer

During WWDC in June, in addition to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 will also be unveiled. A developer says what he likes to see improved in the new update for the Apple Watch.

watchOS 7 from a developer

Developer David Smith has already created many popular apps, such as Audiobooks, Sleep ++, and Watchsmith. The latter made Smith think about what he would like to see in a new update of the Apple Watch. With WWDC in the offing, Smith lists what he hopes to see in watchOS 7.

1. Built-in functions of external apps

Smith believes that some features now added by third-party apps should be built into watchOS by default. For example, instead of an external app to track your sleep rhythm and quality, it should be a standard feature in watchOS. Meditation and nutrition apps should also be standard on the smartwatch.

Many external apps have already been created for this, which means that there is also a lot of demand for it. It would mean that the battery of the Apple Watch should also improve: the Watch usually lasts less than two days without charging. If you also use the Watch at night, you wouldn’t be able to use it the next day.

2. Activity app: flexible rings

Smith doesn’t find the rings in the Activity app flexible enough at the moment. Although you can set a calorie burn goal for Exercise, it is not yet possible to set a personal goal for the Exercise and Stand ring.Activity app

Especially for people who have difficulty walking or recover from surgery, it can be pleasant to set a smaller goal for this. Although wheelchair users can already set ‘Roles’ instead of ‘Standing’, it is actually strange that the goals of these two rings are not adjustable.

3. Established rest day after 6 days of exercise

If you hit your exercise goal six days in a row, you should earn a rest day, Smith says. This should then happen without losing your monthly streak.Established rest day after 6 days of exercise

After six days, you can use a rest day to recover and build up energy again to last another week. It would therefore be good if watchOS 7 takes this into account.

4.Faster refresh of watchOS apps

A problem for many Apple Watch users is the fact that apps that are on are not updated as quickly. As a result, you sometimes have to open an app manually so that the data is updated. Smith hopes to fix this bug in watchOS 7.

In addition, he hopes that more Watch faces can be personalized: currently only Apple apps such as the Weather app and the Clock app can be personalized. It would also be useful if this is possible for an external app.

More about watchOS 7

Traditionally, Apple will unveil watchOS 7 during WWDC 2020 on June 22. Due to all the leaked information, we already know a lot about the major Apple Watch update. There will be a Fitness app, more options for Parental Control, a Sleep app, and four other functions. Knowing more? On our overview page you can read everything we know so far about watchOS 7.

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