‘WatchOS 7 causes problems on the Apple Watch Series 3’

Having problems with your Apple Watch Series 3 since it is running watchOS 7? That could be right. Many Series 3 users complain about spontaneous reboots and poor performance after the update.

Users Apple Watch Series 3 are complaining about problems with watchOS 7

WatchOS 7 runs on all Apple Watches from Series 3. However, users of the latter model complain that their smartwatch has been less successful since the update.

9to5Mac lists the problems. The most common complaint is that the Apple Watch spontaneously restarts several times a day. All activities, such as the number of steps, are lost.

The watch also sometimes loses connection with a paired iPhone and certain apps do not want to load. In addition, the Apple Watch Series 3 would be much slower since the update to watchOS 7.WatchOS 7 causes problems on the Apple Watch Series 3

Apple released watchOS 7 last week. The new version of the OS introduces several improvements such as a sleep tracker, a new fitness app and fresh watch faces.

Downgrading to watchOS 6 is not possible

If you have the Apple Watch Series 3 on your wrist, you might do well to delay the update to watchOS 7 for a while. Once the new version is on your watch, it is no longer possible to downgrade to watchOS 6. The latest version of watchOS 7, 7.0.1., Does not seem to resolve the issues.

Apple is still selling the Series 3 for a reduced price from 219 euros, in addition to the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. The SE is 80 euros more expensive than the Series 3 but offers much better performance.

Apple has not yet responded to complaints about the Apple Watch Series 3 in conjunction with watchOS 7.

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