WhatsApp not working? How to solve ? 3 easy solutions to try

Suddenly WhatsApp no ​​longer works, and you can no longer send messages? Thanks to the following three steps you will be applying again in no time!

WhatsApp does not work: 3 solutions

In the event of a failure, there is little you can do but be patient, but in most cases, the problem lies elsewhere. Does WhatsApp not working? Then first check the following possible solutions.

1. Check if WhatsApp has a malfunction

Before moving mountains with work, it is important to check whether you are the only one with whom WhatsApp does not work. Go to the AlleStoringen website for this. The high number of malfunctions shows you quickly enough whether the chat service is down or not.

2. Check your internet connection

WhatsApp still not working, but you seem to be the only one? Then the problem is probably the internet connection. If the signal is weak, you cannot send and receive messages, and apps will ‘hang’. This is visible by the clock mark that remains next to your messages. The message has only been sent when you see a check mark, and the recipient has received the app with two check marks.WhatsApp does not work

Disconnect your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and reconnect your smartphone to check if the problem has been resolved. Is there another WiFi network nearby? Then connect to this. If you can now send messages, your router is probably the problem. Restart the box by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Can’t you just send WhatsApp messages via mobile data? Then check whether you accidentally went over your internet bundle. On someone else’s phone, log in to your provider’s customer portal to view your recent usage, or use a computer with an internet connection.

3. Restart and update

Sometimes it can sometimes help to restart your iPhone. Moreover, make sure that you always have the latest version of WhatsApp installed and that no updates are available. If the above solutions do not help, it is time to delete your network settings. This will forget all saved options for mobile and wifi networks:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone;
  2. Tap on ‘General’ and go to ‘Reset’;
  3. Choose ‘Restore network settings’ and confirm your choice.How to solve WhatsApp not working

More about WhatsApp

Anyone can send an app, but did you know that WhatsApp has a lot of unknown functions? For example, you can protect WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID, so that your messages remain private.

In addition, WhatsApp regularly releases updates that contain new useful functions. For example, the company recently announced that WhatsApp will soon receive animated stickers.

Soon it will also be possible to use the popular communication service on your iPad. A subsequent update will ensure that WhatsApp works on multiple devices.

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