WhatsApp finally adds a payment function: this is how it works

WhatsApp finally adds the option to make payments directly to the app. Users in Brazil can use the feature first. Later it will be available extensively.

WhatsApp adds payment function brazil

WhatsApp has been building the feature for months. Now Facebook’s chat app has finally tied the knot. Users in Brazil are the first to safely send and receive money with the app. The app uses Facebook Pay, Facebook’s payment service that was launched late last year.

Payments are made with a six-digit pin code or fingerprint. It is not yet clear whether Face ID is also possible. For now, users in Brazil only pay with debit and credit cards from well-known Brazilian banks. The chat app plans to expand this further to the rest of the world.whatsapp pay

Many small businesses use WhatsApp to answer customer questions. It is useful if customers can pay immediately in the same chat. Moreover, people will use the function in the same way as Tikkie. Businesses have to pay service fees, but payments to friends or family are free.

Because Facebook Pay is used, the goal is to ultimately use the same payment details with every Facebook app. That plan is probably far in the future. The feature is now rolling out to Brazilian WhatsApp users.

It is expected that the payment function will expand to countries where Facebook Pay is already available. Meanwhile, Facebook Pay is still being rolled out to multiple countries. The mobile social media payment service is competing with Apple Pay, Apple ‘s payment service.

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