WhatsApp is not going to block users who do not accept terms

After the Facebook subsidiary experienced a significant setback in January after announcing its new terms and conditions, WhatsApp said this time not to block its users ‘if they do not accept the terms and conditions. Not accepting it, however, is not without consequences, the chat service says.

WhatsApp Terms

WhatsApp gave users the option to agree to new terms of the app in January. If the terms were not agreed upon, access to the service would be denied from February. For the Facebook subsidiary, that announcement probably did not go as smoothly as hoped. In the month that followed, many WhatsApp users switched to Signal and Telegram. In response to the tidal wave of users who have made the switch, the company announced that it would postpone the effective date of the terms for two months, to May 15.

With one week to go, the end of WhatsApp for users who have not accepted the terms is on the horizon. At least that was the policy until Friday night. To accommodate its users, WhatsApp has announced that it will not block accounts that have not agreed to the new conditions for the time being. The company does announce the feature package for users who have not agreed to ‘scale back’.WhatsApp is not going to block users

According to the Facebook subsidiary, that does not start immediately on May 15. Users will receive reminders to agree to the terms over the weeks following the terms effective date. If the terms and conditions are not agreed upon, it will be impossible to view chat messages from that point on. It remains possible for others to call you with WhatsApp and if you receive notifications from WhatsApp messages, you can still reply to them.

Accounts are retained

A few weeks after the limited functionalities have been enabled, WhatsApp will disable the functions in their entirety and you will no longer be able to receive messages or phone calls. However, the WhatsApp account will be saved – that way you can still return to WhatsApp later. For the time being, it remains unclear exactly what terms the chat service will adhere to for the steps. In the document on the support website, the company speaks of ‘a short period’. The interpretation of this meaningless terminology remains undiscussed.

Users who do not agree to the terms and conditions will therefore still lose all WhatsApp functionalities in the coming weeks. It remains striking that WhatsApp users living in the European Union still have to agree to the terms and conditions, while WhatsApp has not made any changes to the European terms and conditions. Partly due to the AVG / GDPR legislation, the Facebook subsidiary could not share data with Facebook and Instagram.

Did you already agree to the new conditions package, or do you have your account ‘downgraded’? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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