Why you should (or shouldn’t) choose a wireless headset

We see wireless earplugs everywhere. Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds can no longer be ignored from the everyday street scene. Yet there are still reasons to choose a wired headset and reasons why you should not do that.

The wireless future of listening to music

Before Apple announced the first generation of AirPods in 2016, wireless headsets were still a rare phenomenon. At the time, every smartphone was supplied with a pair of earphones. Brands such as Beats, Sennheiser and JBL mainly released wired, high-quality headsets. We plugged this in via the 3.5-millimetre headphone jack, which could be found on all smartphones and tablets. wireless headset

Times change. The headphone jack can only be found on few modern smartphones. Headsets have not been supplied for free for years and we listen to music through our pricey, wireless earbuds – which we sometimes forget to charge. We can no longer ignore it: the future of listening to music is wireless.

However, that doesn’t mean that wireless headsets outperform wired earphones and headphones in all respects. We have listed a number of pros and cons of listening to music wirelessly.

Wireless downside: sound quality

Even if the speakers in headphones are of exceptional quality or if there is an extremely good Bluetooth antenna onboard, you can only achieve maximum sound quality via a cable. This can of course change in the future.

Until recently, LG was one of the last smartphone manufacturers to still make smartphones with an audio jack. This input was also of exceptional quality, so many audiophiles walked around with an LG. Unfortunately, LG stepped out of the smartphone market in early 2021. To be able to plug your wired headset into most other current smartphones, you need an adapter.

Wireless downside: charging

Wired headsets don’t have batteries, so you never have to charge them. That saves a lot of worries – after all, nothing is as bad as a long train journey without music. The batteries in wireless headsets also last less and less over time. You are therefore forced to replace them once every few years.

Wireless downside: price

Wireless headsets are generally quite pricey. You will soon pay about 150 euros. For this, you get a pair of stylish, high-quality ears. Well, wired earphones are available for much less money. That’s nice because not everyone has the money for a pair of Galaxy Buds.

Wireless advantage: user-friendliness

The main reason for choosing a wireless headset is its user-friendliness. The cable of a wired headset really gets caught everywhere. Behind the handlebars of your bike, behind the zipper of your jacket; you are fine with wireless earphones.

A cable also gets tangled quickly, so that you can regularly only listen to music with a Boy Scout diploma. Manufacturers came up with flat cables for this reason, which does not easily get tangled. If you have a wired headset in mind, it is smart to keep this in mind.Beats Uberbeats with a flat cable

Do you exercise a lot? Then headsets without a cable are ideal. During running, it is all too easy to fish a cable out of your ear at a rapid speed. Wireless earphones are the perfect solution for this, as long as they don’t fall out of your ears because then you will most likely have lost them.

Wireless Advantage: Durability

Do you ever suffer from cable breakage? You can recognize this by the malfunctioning of one or both earpieces. Due to a break in the cable, the speaker can no longer make clear contact with the sound source. There is also little that can be done: as soon as your headset suffers from a cable break, you have to buy a new one.

Wireless headsets logically don’t have this problem, because there are simply no cables. However, replacing wired earphones is a lot cheaper than replacing their wireless brothers.Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Wireless advantage: appearance

It’s about the music, but the eye is also important. Wireless headsets are the new standard. They are stylish – although that is of course personal – and unobtrusive. After all, there is no cable hanging out of your head.

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the headset that suits you best. Whether you choose earphones with or without cable; listening to music is possible anyway. And that is really the most important in the end.

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