Android Auto will soon work with Android work profiles

Android Auto users can currently only use apps in their regular Android profile. Users with a work profile on their phone are therefore limited in the apps they can use. A future update to Android Auto will fix this, Google is currently testing the function.

Work profiles in Android Auto

A solution for Android’s work profiles would already be present in Android Auto , 9to5Google reports . This concerns a number of lines of code in a recent update to the Android Auto app, specifically version 6.4. In the code, Google speaks about the permission that an end user must give in order to display data from work profiles in Google’s automotive operating system. Mishaal Rahman confirms on Twitter that the feature is present in the app .

At the same time, Rahman states that the underlying functionality appears to be ‘not available’ for the time being. Since no changes have been made in the foreground for the time being, it is difficult to determine exactly how Google will process the work profiles in Android Auto.

In Android, a clear separation is made between work profile apps and regular Android apps, so that you always know whether you are opening a regular or a work app. A distinction can also be made between regular and work reports. Finally, work profiles can be switched off after a specific time. How this trickles down to Android Auto is also still unknown.

Disappear Google Play Music

In addition to the arrival of work profiles to Android Auto, Google has adapted two other functions of the app. One of the changes has to do with references to Google’s Play Music service. Although the streaming service has disappeared from the platform for quite some time, references were left in the Android Auto app – they have been completely removed this time.

In addition, the search giant worked in version 6.4 to improve its Android Auto wireless troubleshooter, which users can ask questions when connecting their device wirelessly to their car’s infotainment system for the first time. Google also added a notification for users with a phone that does not support 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Although few phones have been released in recent years that do not support this, it remains useful for those with an old (er) phone.

Android Auto 6.4 rollout

Android Auto 6.4 is currently rolling out in the Play Store. At the time of writing this article, the update was not yet available to the editor. It is possible that Google will enable the work profiles through its servers in the Android Auto app at a later time. If you come across the work profile in the Android Auto app these weeks, feel free to let us know in the comments below this article or via the email address of the Androidworld editorial team.

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