Xiaomi Mi A3 update stops dual SIM card slot operation

The rollout of Xiaomi’s recent security update of the Mi A3 with Android One went wrong. The update ensures that the dual-sim functionality no longer works with a series of ‘branded’ devices.

Xiaomi Mi A3 update issue

Something went wrong again with an update for the Mi A3 from Xiaomi. As a result of the July security update to a ‘branded’ phone from the Mexican provider Telcel, users can no longer use the second SIM card in their phone.

Users suddenly noticed that they couldn’t make or receive phone calls with that SIM card, XDA Developers writes. The update took about 1.4 GB and further added a range of new bloatware apps. Despite the fact that the Mi A3 is an Android One phone, Xiaomi is working with providers to roll out personalized firmware to the phone.Xiaomi Mi A3 update issue

In a response, Xiaomi states that the problem has been identified and a recovery method is being worked on that will allow the update to be rolled back. The update does not affect the operation of Mi A3 phones.

Xiaomi’s updater reputation 

It is certainly not the first time that there have been issues with Xiaomi phone updates, nor is it the first time that Mi A3 users have fallen victim to an update issue. Previously, Xiaomi had to discontinue the Android 10 update for that phone after fixing fingerprint scanner issues. Before that, Xiaomi also had serious problems with a security patch for the Mi A2 and the Mi A1 also went wrong.

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