Xiaomi Mi Band 5 teaser: screen 20% larger, new magnetic charger

A Xiaomi teaser reveals a range of features of the Mi Band 5, including a larger screen and the fitness tracker’s new, more convenient charger.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi is the worldwide leader in wearables sales and the popular Mi Band fitness trackers make an important contribution. In the run-up to the launch of the Mi Band 5, Xiaomi is slowly revealing new details about the smart band, and on Chinese social media, we discover two teaser images.

First of all, there is a charger. With the Mi Band 4, you first have to completely remove the silicone strap in order to plug the fitness tracker into the charger. Xiaomi is moving away from that somewhat cumbersome method and is now opting for a solution that we see more often with more expensive smartwatches: a magnetic charger. We see in the teaser how to connect the bottom to the charger without removing the strap.xiaomi mi band 5 teaser

A teaser image of the charger

Screen, sensors and NFC

Xiaomi also announced in another image that the screen of the new Mi Band 5 is about 20 percent larger compared to its predecessor. Earlier, photos have already been leaked of the Mi Band 5 and we already saw a larger oval screen with a button in the bottom center.Screen, sensors and NFC

A leaked image of the alleged fitness tracker

 The Mi Band 5 also gets other gadgets such as remote camera control and Xiaomi is again with NFC. Although it is not known whether that function will also be available worldwide because that was not the case with the Mi Band 4. Finally, Xiaomi warms us up for improved sensors with the fitness tracker and better tracking of sleep and stress.Mi Band 5

The teaser of the screen

It is not yet known when exactly we can expect the Mi Band 5, but according to rumors, the wearable will cost about the same as the Mi Band 4, that is, it will cost around 30 euros. What do you expect from the Mi Band 5? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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