Xiaomi Mi Note 11 is the first phone with 12x optical zoom

The Xiaomi Mi Note 11 is rumored to come with a periscope camera that delivers zoom performance we’ve never seen before. It is about 12x optical zoom.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11

Despite what the name ‘Note’ might suggest, the Mi Note series from Xiaomi is all about strong camera performance. The company launched a budget flagship last year that came first with Samsung’s 108 MP camera, but it also came with zoom performance that allows 5x optical zoom. Now the specifications of the Mi Note 11 have already been leaked by rumor spreader Xiaomishka and that indicates that Xiaomi is once again making the camera its priority.

The Mi Note 11 has a camera with 12x optical zoom, which is something we have never seen before. Huawei has already revealed that its P40 Pro Plus will be able to take photos with 10x optical zoom, but Xiaomi apparently wants to surpass that. The phone could also zoom in 120 times digitally, although we previously noted in our Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review that the added value is rather limited.

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It is also not yet certain whether Xiaomi will effectively use a periscope camera superior to that of the P40 Pro Plus coming out this summer. With the Mi Note 10, Xiaomi did not use a periscope camera, but two different telephoto cameras, including an 8 MP camera with a 3.7x optical zoom. Xiaomi then cropped the image from 8 MP to 5 MP, thus making the camera good for 5x optical zoom. Xiaomi may come up with a similar approach to obtain a 12x optical zoom.

Furthermore, we only learn that the Mi Note 11 comes with an improved 108 MP main camera from Samsung and an as-yet-unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon 775G chipset. Huawei already spoke at Tech largest about what we can expect from the P40 Pro Plus telecamera. What do you think of the Mi Note 11 and the 12x optical zoom camera? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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