Xiaomi laughs at Apple for a special choice, just like Samsung does the same

Xiaomi and Samsung openly laughed when Apple decided to stop supplying an adapter with the iPhone. That is always possible and allowed, of course, but then you shouldn’t do exactly the same a few months later …

Today it is announced that the Chinese Xiaomi is also removing the charger from the packaging of its new smartphone. Something Samsung will most likely also do with the Galaxy S21.

Samsung and Xiaomi laugh silly

When Apple announced the iPhone 12 series, the company also immediately announced that no adapter will be supplied with the device. Something that not only caused surprise and, in some cases, anger among consumers. Competitive companies also had a clear opinion about it and we’re certainly not afraid to share it with the world. So that’s what they did. Both Samsung and Xiaomi expressed themselves on social media about Apple’s decision. And not just a bit!

Samsung, for example, lashed out at Apple on Twitter by promoting their Galaxy phone. With the catchy text: “Your Galaxy gives you everything you are looking for. From the most standard things like a charger to the best camera… ”

A funny way of marketing that, if you make the wrong decision, can still turn against you. It soon became clear that Apple would become an example. An expectation that has now become reality.

Still chasing Apple

Despite the fun of Apple, both companies are now going to do the same. Despite the fact that Samsung’s decision is not yet official, all rumors and leaks do point to such a decision. The chances that the new Galaxy S21 will be paired with an adapter is less than it isn’t. But Xiaomi goes a step further and makes the decision openly known.

On Weibo, a Chinese social media platform that looks a lot like Twitter, CEO Lei Jun makes a special revelation. This is how we find out that the new Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone will be delivered without an adapter. The message contains the following:

Today everyone has a lot of chargers at home that no longer have a function. This is not only a burden for you, but also for the environment. The Xiaomi Mi 11 is therefore supplied without an adapter. We understand when people have questions about the choice or even complain about it. But is there a better solution at the moment? “

Where have we heard this before?

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