YouCut: powerful free video editor on your phone

YouCut is a free app that allows you to easily edit videos on your phone. The app is very simple and intuitive, and it does come with powerful features.

YouCut video editor

In the Play Store, you will find many video editors with which you can shorten your videos, provide them with text, or make other adjustments. Only some apps come with expensive plans – like Adobe’s Premiere Rush – or watermarks. YouCut is an editing app that does it for free and offers powerful features in an accessible guise.

You start with adding a movie, of course, but you can also make several videos into one. By default, in that second case, YouCut pastes all the videos one after the other, but you can easily drag the media files in the correct order. On the other hand, you can also tap one of the files and press ‘Trim’ to shorten it. Furthermore, YouCut also lets you easily adjust the speed, volume, or aspect ratio.youcut editor videos phone

TikTok, Insta and YouTube proof

The latter is useful if you want to adjust a video for, for example, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. each of these platforms has its own aspect ratio and YouCut lets you crop or fill in a hot image with the ‘Crop’ and Bg ‘buttons. For TikTokers there is also the option to directly add music or sound effects, and you can also easily cut the sound and place it on the timeline wherever you want. You can also record with the ‘Record’ button. Finally, there are filters and other visual effects that you can experiment with.

Once your video is ready you can share it, and then you can choose to only save it or use it directly in apps like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. YouCut is free, but some filters and editing features are behind a payment wall. Fortunately, the most important ones are available for free. In addition, you will also see advertisements, but only every time after editing your video.

Did you already know YouCut? Are there any other video editing apps you can recommend? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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