Youfone launches the first TV decoder with Android TV in the Netherlands

Youfone announced its loan decoder with Android TV in mid-2020. This loan decoder with Chromecast built-in is now being delivered to customers.

Youfone loan decoder with Android TV

Cable providers offer their fixed services in combination with a loan decoder. Such a decoder offers subscribers, among other things, watching live TV, video-on-demand. None of these decoders run on Android TV, while that gives subscribers greater freedom of choice. Android TV is Google’s operating system for smart TVs and allows users to download apps from the Play Store, among other things.

Now delivers Youfone first Dutch provider services are fixed on a loan decoder running on Android TV. TotalTV discovered this . Last year, the Belgian Proximus already had this scoop at our southern neighbors.

Download apps from the Play Store

Youfone customers can therefore download apps and games from the Google Play Store with this decoder. Examples are the apps of streaming services such as Videoland, NPO Start / NPO Plus. NL sees, Dplay, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, the Netflix app is not yet available on the device. This streaming service has not yet given permission for this, despite the fact that the decoder has already been certified by Netflix.

Chromecast built-in

The TV decoder also comes with Chromecast support. This allows subscribers to stream content from their phone, tablet or laptop to their TV. Not only movies, programs, apps and games can be streamed directly to the TV, but also photos and music.

The new decoder was developed in collaboration with manufacturers 24i and Amino and offers image quality up to a maximum of 4K. Youfone supplies its TV and internet services via the KPN network, which means that this new TV decoder and the existing ones can only be used with a KPN internet connection.

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